02 Network

Growing healthy leaders is an important part of the core values at FaithPointe.  We connected with the 02 Network as their mission is to provide a "life support for leaders". Being a part of this network has been an invaluable source of strength, wisdom, and encouragement for all levels of leadership at our church.

The 02 Network hosts several events an conferences to encourage and build leadership skills and ministry relationships. Leaders Days, Life Transformation School, and 02 Network Conference, Men's and Women's conferences are just to name a few.  To learn more about the 02 Network visit their website at

Trinity Fellowship association of churches (TFAC)

TFAC is a network of churches that exists to help Senior Pastors and their teams establish and grow healthy, life-giving churches through networking opportunities, ministry consultation and development. TFAC provides coaching, encouragement, and resources. They are also committed to other network churches by providing resources to become healthy and successful. FaithPointe Fellowship has been connected with TFAC since 2016 and their leadership expertise has been an inspiration and a tremendous development resource for us. For more information about TFAC visit their website at www.tfac.com.