Erin is a 25 year old college graduate from Casper, Wyoming.  She attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Ministries.  Erin is extremely talented and gifted in leading worship. She is creative, positive, and her energetic personality is infectious!

Interesting facts from Erin:

  • "I love Jesus with everything I am".
  • Like all kinds of music.
  • Love playing the flute and piano, singing (all the time).
  • Love ice cream, coffee, and sweets...especially anything with Reese's, mocha, or mint flavored.
  • Love movies (who doesn't right?).  Action and romantic comedies are my sweet spot.
  • Love Pysch, HIMYM, and Hunger Games.
  • Love hanging with family/friends and making new friends.